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Web Service: FindReturns

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This service returns a list of CheckIDs for returned documents that match the specified criteria.


The user must have the Gateway.Returns role and the ClientID must be in the Client Tree for the authenticated user.


SOAP Service


<FindReturns xmlns="">



<FindReturnsResponse xmlns="">


REST Service

Response A series of the following:


Possible values for <Code>

Code HTTP Status Code Description
 0 204 No error
10000 401 Not authorized
10001 404 Item not found


Query-able fields

UploadDate The date the batch was originally uploaded
ReturnDate The date the item was returned
ReturnCode The NACHA return code to search for. A list of recognized NACHA codes (including several provided by ACHeck21® for image returns) can be found at ACHeck21/NACHA return code list.
SeqNbr The user-assigned batch number for the originally uploaded document.


For more information on how to generate valid <Query> values, please visit the following article:

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