Web Service: RepresentCheck

Bret Hillbun -


This service re-presents a single check specified by a CheckID. The service accepts new values for the TransitNumber, DDANumber, and CheckNumber fields. As of this moment, the check amount cannot be changed. This service can only be used for checks that have already been submitted and returned from the ACH or Check21 systems. To fix values in a posted but not submitted e-check, use the UpdateCheck service.


The user must have the Gateway.E-Check and Gateway.Represent roles and the ClientID that created the check must be in the Client Tree for the authenticated user.


SOAP Service


<RepresentCheck xmlns="https://gateway.acheck21.com/GlobalGateway/">



<RepresentCheckResponse xmlns="https://gateway.acheck21.com/GlobalGateway/">


REST Service

URL https://gateway.acheck21.com/GlobalGateway/REST/check/<CheckID>/represent
Response empty


Possible values for <Code>

Code HTTP Status Code Description
 0 204 No error
10000 401 Not authorized
10001 404 Item not found
 10007 403 Check has not been returned, so cannot be re-presented
 10008 403 Check has reached re-presentment limit


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