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Web Service: FindBatches

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This service retrieves a list of batches that match search criteria.


The user must have the Gateway.User role and the ClientID must be in the Client Tree for the authenticated user.


SOAP Service


<FindBatches xmlns="">



<FindBatchesResponse xmlns="">
<FindBatchesResult>      <Code>int</Code>     <Message>string</Message>
<BatchCount>int</BatchCount>     <Batches>          <BatchNbr>int</BatchNbr>          ...         <BatchNbr>int</BatchNbr>      </Batches> </FindBatchesResult>


REST Service

Response A series of the following:
  The first element is a direct URI for this batch; the second represents the URI that can be used to retrieve the list of transactions in this batch.


Possible values for <Code>

Code HTTP Status Code Description
 0 204 No error
10000 401 Not authorized
10005 400 Parameter error


Query-able fields

UploadDate The date the batch was originally uploaded
Status One of Pending, Rejected, Approved, Deleted
BatchNbr The system-assigned batch number
SeqNbr The user-assigned sequence (batch) number for the batch in which the item was originally uploaded


For more information on how to generate valid <Query> values, please visit the following article:

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