Web Service: CreateCheckWithIR

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Create a new transaction in the system utilizing the ACH to Check 21 Intelligent Routing model. This service must have images. This service differs from CreateCheck in that the EntryClass submitted will default to C21 if an item is not able to be processed through the ACH network and is then sent using the Check 21 network. This will limit the kinds of ACH items that can be processed and imposes greater restrictions on information that needs to be supplied.


The user must have the Gateway.E-Check role, the Gateway.Check21 role and the ClientID must be in the Client Tree for the authenticated user.


SOAP Service


<CreateCheckWithIR xmlns="https://gateway.acheck21.com/GlobalGateway/">
    <AccountType>Checking or Savings</AccountType>
    <FrontImage>Base64-encoded TIFF G4 image @200bpi</FrontImage>
    <RearImage>Base64-encoded TIFF G4 image @200bpi</RearImage>
    <MICR>Optional – string</MICR>
    <PostingDate>Optional – string</PostingDate>



<CreateCheckWithIRResult xmlns="https://gateway.acheck21.com/GlobalGateway/">
<CreateCheckWithIRResult>     <Code>int</Code>      <Message>string</Message>     <CheckID>int</CheckID>     <CheckInfo>          <CheckID>int</CheckID>         <UploadDate>datetime</UploadDate>          <IndividualName>string</IndividualName>          <CheckNumber>string</CheckNumber>         <TransitNumber>string</TransitNumber>          <DDANumber>string</DDANumber>          <AccountType>string</AccountType>         <CheckAmount>string</CheckAmount>          <EntryClass>string</EntryClass>          <ClientTag>string</ClientTag>         <SentToFed>bool</SentToFed>          <ReturnStatus>              <Return>                 <UploadDate>yyyy-mm-dd</UploadDate>                  <ReturnDate>yyyy-mm-dd</ReturnDate>                  <ReturnCode>string</ReturnCode>              </Return>          </ReturnStatus>     </CheckInfo> </CreateCheckWithIRResult>


REST Service

URL https://gateway.acheck21.com/GlobalGateway/REST/check/IR
Form Contents The form must contain elements corresponding to the ClientID, IndividualName, CheckNumber, TransitNumber, DDANumber, AccountType, CheckAmount, and EntryClass elements in the XML, unless sending a raw MICR line, in which case the MICR field must be present in lieu of the components. These form elements must have the same names as in the XML. If sending a BOC, ARC, or Check21 transaction, the images must either be in Base64-encoded strings with the appropriate names in the form, or as attachments with the correct name in a multi-part form. If sending a posting date or addenda, these elements will be represented in appropriately-named form elements. Transactions with images must not have ClientTag set as this field is set by the Global Gateway for specialized handling.
Response <uri>uri-to-new-check</uri>


Possible values for <Code>

Code HTTP Status Code Description
 0 204 No error
10000 401 Not authorized
10003 403 Base64 string not valid
10005 400 Parameter error
10006 401 Client not authorized
10011 403 Duplicate item
10012 403 Transaction exceeds client transaction limit
10013 403 Check amount causes daily total to exceed daily limit
10014 403 Check amount causes monthly total to exceed monthly limit
10017 403 Check not previously authorized


The IndividualName fields are optional, the rest of the fields must be provided. No checking is done to verify that the TransitNumber or DDANumber fields are legal values, only that the TransitNumber is the correct length (9 characters) and internally consistent (that the check digit is correct). The DDA number is limited to 15 characters, the check number to 15 characters.

EntryClass must be ARC, BOC or POP.  Any other SEC code submitted will return a 10005 Parameter error.

If the AccountType is not provided, the system assumes Checking.

The CheckAmount field must be numeric, have no more than 2 digits after the decimal place, and no dollar sign or internal commas and not be equal to $0.00.

If sending a raw MICR line, the value will be accepted only if it conforms to an acceptable format, and if the transit number meets the criteria above for the TransitNumber field. Note that sending a raw MICR precludes sending values for TransitNumber, DDANumber, and CheckNumber. If both are sent, error code 10005 will be returned.

The 10006 return code indicates that the client is not authorized to submit transactions of the type indicated by the EntryClassCd.

The PostingDate is optional. If not provided, the check will be posted the next time the client’s e-checks are batched. If not empty, it cannot specify a date in the past. The format of the PostingDate is mm/dd/yyyy.

The CheckID (or URI) returned is a unique identifier for the new check. It can be used in successive calls to retrieve information about the document. The identifier will remain valid for the lifetime of the document within the ACHeck21 system.


Check 21 Notes
Images will be decoded and their format verified. No IQA checking will be done, that is the responsibility of the sender. Both front and rear images must be sent. Errors in the image files will result in error code 10003.


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