Web Service: CreateValidatedCheck

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Create a new transaction in the system. This service can be used to create check with or without images. If images are sent, the transaction will be routed via the Check21 system if possible. The check will first be run through the check verification system (see ValidateCheck for more information) and will only create the new transaction if the verification system comes back Approved.  This method effectively combines both ValidateCheck and CreateCheck into a single method call.


The user must have the Gateway.E-Check role (for transactions without images) or the Gateway.Check21 role (for transactions with images); and the ClientID must be in the Client Tree for the authenticated user.


SOAP Service


<CreateValidatedCheck xmlns="https://gateway.acheck21.com/GlobalGateway/">
    <AccountType>Checking, Savings, or GeneralLedger</AccountType>
    <EntryClass>TELPPDARCRCKCCDWEB or BOC</EntryClass>
    <FrontImage>Base64-encoded TIFF G4 image @200bpi</FrontImage>
    <RearImage>Base64-encoded TIFF G4 image @200bpi</RearImage>
    <MICR>Optional – string</MICR>
    <PostingDate>Optional – datetime</PostingDate>


<CreateValidatedCheckResponse xmlns="https://gateway.acheck21.com/GlobalGateway/">
<CreateValidatedCheckResult>     <Code>int</Code>      <Message>string</Message>     <ValidationData>          <Response>Authorized or Declined or Warning or Error</Response>         <AuthorizationCode>string</AuthorizationCode>          <DetailLines>              <string>string</string>             ...              <string>string</string>          </DetailLines>      </ValidationData>     <CreateData>          <CheckID>int</CheckID>      </CreateData> </CreateValidatedCheckResult>


REST Service

No REST support, please use a combination of ValidateCheck and CreateCheck to achieve the desired results.


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