Web Service: CreateRCC

Bret Hillbun -


This service creates an RCC transaction using dynamically generated images created by the ACHeck21 web service. These images are designed to maximize the acceptability of the image.


The user must have the Gateway.CreateRCC role, and the ClientID must be in the Client Tree for the authenticated user.


SOAP Service


<CreateRCC xmlns="https://gateway.acheck21.com/GlobalGateway/">
<MemoText>string</MemoText>     <SignatureText>string</SignatureText>     <Endorse1>string</Endorse1>     <Endorse2>string</Endorse2>     <Endorse3>string</Endorse3>     <Endorse4>string</Endorse4> </CreateRCC>



<CreateRCCResponse xmlns="https://gateway.acheck21.com/GlobalGateway/">
<CreateRCCResult>      <Code>int</Code>     <Message>string</Message>     <CheckID>integer</CheckID> </CreateRCCResult>

REST Service

URL https://gateway.acheck21.com/GlobalGateway/REST/RCC
Form Contents The form must contain elements corresponding to the ClientID, PayerName, PayerAddr1,PayerAddr2, PayerAddr3, CheckDate, PayeeName, Amount, TransitNumber, DDANumber,CheckNumber, MemoText, SignatureText, Endorse1, and Endorse2 elements. An image will be created upon completion.
Response <uri>uri-to-new-check</uri>


Possible values for <Code>

Code HTTP Status Code Description
 0 204 No error
10000 401 Not authorized
10005 400 Parameter error
10006 401 Client not authorized
10011 403 Duplicate item
10012 403 Transaction exceeds client transaction limit
10013 403 Check amount causes daily total to exceed daily limit
10014 403 Check amount causes monthly total to exceed monthly limit
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