Problem: Transport not ready

Chris Gregor -

Error "Transport not ready."
This is one of the most common support issues. Typically what causes this problem is when someone starts the ACHeck21 software before turning on the scanner, causing an error in the communication between the scanner and the computer.
  1. Close the ACHeck21 software and turn off the scanner.
  2. Turn the scanner back on, and make sure it is plugged in to the computer.
  3. Right-click on Computer in the Start Menu, select Manage and click on Device Manager. If the scanner appears on the device manager, you are ready to start the ACHeck21 software. (The scanner will usually show up under Imaging devices. If not, it will be under Universal Serial Bus controllers.)
  4. If the scanner does not appear in the Device Manager, you will need to reinstall the scanner driver before starting the ACHeck21 software.
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