Problem: Scanline contains garbage on initial scan with Canon series scanners

Chris Gregor -


Premiere is not properly reading the scanline. It looks something like this: DDbSH]EIDlol2D]qoDDIHgOD


This is a known error with Canon scanners. The hardware OCR engine is not working properly.


The settings must be changed to use software OCR engine instead.

  1. Search for Folder Options in the Start Menu.
  2. Go to the View tab.
  3. Select Show hidden files, folders, or drives. (NOTE: You must be logged on the machine as a local administrator.)
  4. Click OK.
  5. Go to C:\ProgramData\Silver Bullet Technology\Ranger\CR-50_CR-80\API Files\Transportinfo.ini and open the file.
  6. Change the OCR Reader Count to 0.
  7. Save and Exit.
  8. In Premiere, if using 2-Pass scan, select Use software OCR if hardware OCR not available. It should now read correctly in both 1-Pass and 2-Pass.
  9. Set the Transportinfo.ini file as read only. 
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