How To: Board a client

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ODFI Instructions

  1. If the client does not already possess one, create an ODFI.
  2. to create an ODFI, go to Global Gateway>Internal Operations>Account Setup>ODFI Manager
  3. Click on Create new account... at the top of the page, directly below "ODFI Account Search"
  4. Fill out the ODFI account details using the App provided. (More details may be found using the Client Boarding Instructions)



Client Boarding Instructions

  1. Go to the Global Gateway>Internal Operations>Account Setup>Client Manager.
  2. Click on Create new account... at the top.
  3. Using the boarding app, enter the corresponding information.
    Note: If the sales group/reseller is Cashback (FNBO Cashback), then the account reports to Helios FNBO and the ODFI Account is FNBO Cashback.

    1. Client transit # is both Receiving transit # and Billing transit #.

    2. Client Account # is both Receiving Account # and Billing Account #.

    3. check Accept Upload Files and Auto-Approve Batches unless specified otherwise.

    4. If Intelligent Routing Type ACH then Intelligent Routing Model is PPD.

    5. Check no offset unless specified otherwise.

    6. Transaction Dollar Soft Limit is also called Single Transaction Limit. Soft Limits are the same as the regular limits.

    7. Only check clearing account if Hold Days contains a number.

    8. Do not check Hold Clearing Funds unless specified otherwise.

  4. When finished, Save Account.

  5. A Client ID will now be assigned to this client. Write it on the boarding app.

  6. Sign and date the boarding app, and hand it to someone to double-check and activate the client.

  7. Create a ticket!
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