How To: Create a Manual Return

Chris Gregor -

  1. On the Global Gateway, go to Processing>Settlement Activity>Transactions and search for the transaction.
  2. Once found, click on Details
  3. Underneath Transaction History, there will be a drop down that says Select an action...
  4. Select Create Manual Return.
  5. Click Perform Action.
  6. An overlay screen will appear with a Return Code drop down menu. Select the proper return code (found either on the front of the check image -or if using X9Vision in Return Reason in the x9 Field Viewer tab-).
  7. Click Create Return. The return will be pending.
    Note(s): This cannot be undone! If the check in question has the words "The item has a return pending, then it has already been returned and should be skipped.
  8. Using the Global Gateway, go to Returns>Returned Transactions. Make sure the total amount of debits total and check amount total are the same amount as the returns in X9 -or any other software-. 
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