How To: Setup stubs with multiple amount fields

Chris Gregor -

Sometimes a stub (or coupon) may have multiple amount fields. It could be a donation card for a nonprofit, where the donor has the option to choose between a few fixed amounts. It could also be the amount due for a bill along with the amount + late fee if the bill is late.

When scanning checks and stubs it matches the amount of the check with the amount on the stub as a way of ensuring an accurate read. If they don't match up, it will then need to be verified by manually entering the amount. Therefore, stubs with multiple amounts must be done as follows:

  1. Each amount must be in the scanline.
  2. Each amount must be marked as an amount field in the field configuration.
  3. The documents will be scanned as single check/single stub.
  4. Whichever amount they paid will show up in the amounts without an error.
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