How To: Remove a client

Chris Gregor -

  1. For our records, be sure the client requests this in writing. If they request over the phone, ask them to send an email also.
  2. Remove all users associated with the client BEFORE removing client account. (Otherwise, you will not be able to remove users. Once the client account is inactive, none of its users are searchable on the gateway.)
  3. On the Global Gateway, go to Internal Operations>Account Setup>Client Manager to search for client.
  4. Click on the Account ID of the client you would like to remove.
  5. Uncheck the Active checkbox to make the account inactive.
  6. Leave the account inactive so that it is still on record until deleted during periodic maintenance. Consult our policies and procedures to determine how long we keep client accounts on file as inactive prior to deletion.
  7. Create a ticket!
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