Problem: Scanner Jams with the Canon CR-50

Chris Gregor -


After a document jams, the scanner stops communicating with Premiere.

1. When the scanner jams, it will tell you to pull out the jammed document and click OK, but when you do that, the pop-up window does not disappear even when you click OK. If you turn off the scanner and then click OK, the pop-up window will disappear.

2. A new pop-up window will appear, saying that there is no scanner connected. Turn the scanner back on and click OK.
3. When you turn the scanner back on, it will not communicate with Premiere anymore. To fix this, you can turn off the scanner and exit Premiere. Then, turn on the scanner and open Premiere. You MUST do it in that order, or else the scanner will still not communicate.
When the scanner jams, Silver Bullet is trying to log the information so that you can send it to Silver Bullet for technical support, which interferes with communication between the scanner and Premiere. This usually isn't needed and will only produce mass amounts of logs that will take up needless space on your hard drive.
To actually fix this problem instead of jumping through hoops every time, you will need to go to the Start Menu and open Silver Bullet Technology | Tools | SBT Log Options and uncheck the Ranger Log Enabled checkbox. Then delete the Ranger Log files on the C drive.
Then, open task manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL), go to the Services tab and click on Services on the bottom-right. Find SBT Log, right-click and select Properties. Change Start Up Type to Disabled.
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