Tutorial: Setting up Visual Studio to use the SOAP API

Ryan Ackley -

To get started, you will need to add a Service Reference to your project that points to the Global Gateway's WSDL file. You can find a list of all available WSDL versions on this page. It's recommended that you always use the latest version. See the MSDN documentation for how to add a service reference to your particular version of Visual Studio.

Pay attention to the namespace you assign to the service reference. You will use this to reference the API in your code. The package of the code generated for the API will be <your project's default package name>.<namespace>

In the above screenshot, I chose the namespace ACHeck21Service. If my project's default namespace was ACHeck21, I would reference the API in my code by putting the following snippet at the top

using ACHeck21.ACHeck21Service;




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