Dealing with "Corporate customer advises not authorized" ACH returns

Ryan Ackley -

Some commercial bank accounts have a block on ACH debits. If you try to debit an account with this block, the transaction will be returned as "Corporate Customer Advises Not Authorized. If this happens, you will need to contact the holder of the account you are trying to debit and have them remove the block.

You will need to tell them our CompanyID or OriginatorID. This is 110333049.  Sometimes their bank will tell them it needs to be 10 digits. In these cases, have them left justify it so there is a space on the far right. For example, 110333049b where 'b' represents is a blank space.

If you receive this type of return on a transaction submitted with us, the system will prevent transactions being submitted again on the same account until you file a support ticket at and inform us that the block has been removed by the receiving bank. Please include the routing and account number of the blocked transaction in the request.

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