Concept: Global Gateway entities and how to use them

Bret Hillbun -

The web services are classified according to entities, a concept that should be familiar to users of REST services. An entity is a conceptual class of web services, representing the item on which the service operates. Thus, the CreateCheck service is considered as part of the Check entity, because it creates a new check item in the system. The SOAP services do not have an explicit relationship with their entities, although where reasonable the name of the service should give some clue. The relationship is most explicit with the REST services, where the entity name is part of the URI for the service.

Whether explicit or implicit, this classification of services by entity can help in understanding how services interact and in identifying the appropriate service to use.

The table below lists the entities exposed by the web services, along with the operations performed on them. The first column contains the display name of the method and KB article link to the SOAP envelope and REST details, the middle column the VERB for REST calls, and the right column the URL part for REST calls.

Batch (entity) REST VERB  REST URL
ApproveBatch PUT /GlobalGateway/REST/batch/<ClientID>/<Batch#>/approve
DeleteBatch DELETE /GlobalGateway/REST/batch/<ClientID>/<Batch#>
GetBatch GET /GlobalGateway/REST/batch/<ClientID>/<Batch#>
SendBatch  POST /GlobalGateway/REST/batch/<ClientID>
 FindBatches GET /GlobalGateway/REST/batches?<Query>


For more information on how to generate valid <Query> values, please visit the following article:


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